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We focus on teaching you the concepts of movement and motion. Our goal, to have a positive impact on our students life by creating a memorable educational experience. We provide innovative services through engaging and appropriate delivery thereby being recognized as a unique and respected education provider.

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Courses & Qualifications

A Balance of Online Theory & Practical Assessment.

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  • "This course has it all!"

    I have worked in the fitness industry my entire life developing learning systems for training organisations. With 12 years experience in education sector I believe this course to be the full package.

    image Maia Haeata
    Director of Education
  • "A Contemporary Style, Utilizing Modern Design Trends, as well as Being Functional"

    I regularly change my site's design to ensure that it remains fresh, new and modern. Chimera offers a theme with all the standard features I've come to expect with a new design approach.

    image Jerry Andrews
  • "An Impressive Animated Experience for my Visitors, to Ensure the Uniqueness"

    Chimera has a series of introductory animations on elements when you scroll through the page. They add character and life, whilst not detracting from the visitor's experience.

    image Sam Santiago
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